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Case Study: Rockett Home Rentals & Fixflo Lettings

Rockett Home Rentals is an independently owned residential letting agent and since 2003, has built its reputation on a mixture of industry knowledge, unique local insights and an unrivalled passion for providing quality homes for people living in and around North Staffordshire, specifically in Stoke on Trent and Newcastle Under Lyme. We spoke to Bill Rockett, the company’s Director, to find out why they chose Fixflo and how the company has benefited as a result.

The problem


We have been trading for 15 years. The company is an ARLA-accredited independent agent which solely does lettings and property management. We tend to aim at the more professional market and deal with lots of interesting customers such as Premier League footballers, military personnel and so on.

We were using CFP but it was a nightmare as far as maintenance was concerned, as CFP had no maintenance features, so we were forced to use spreadsheets and wipe boards. It was nigh-on impossible to manage maintenance across our portfolio effectively because it was a constantly moving target.


"The main benefit from our point-of-view has been the time saved on the phone."

The solution

We heard about Fixflo online and through trade press. Fixflo was the first repairs and maintenance management of its kind that we had seen and it immediately stood out against other companies for that reason. The fact it was an online and cloud-based solution that could be accessed on the move was a big deal for us and, when we had a demo, we immediately liked the simplicity of the user interface.

We got fully behind the Fixflo system straight away, deciding the best way to make it work was for it to take over 100% of the maintenance work and for us to run everything through it. The set-up process was fairly easy and it has been easy to learn, with nearly half the business using Fixflo on a regular basis.


The outcome


The business as a whole has benefited from using Fixflo.

  • It has tightened and sped up maintenance, which was the main issue we were having
  • It has reduced complaints from tenants and landlords

  • The dashboard graph breaks down issues into categories, which makes it easy to chase issues up

  • We even use Fixflo as a sales tool when seeing new landlords, meaning that the system is having a direct impact on the winning of new instructions
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