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Case Study: Linley & Simpson and Fixflo Lettings

Founded in 1997, Linley & Simpson (L&S) is a sales and lettings agency based in Yorkshire. L&S have been using Fixflo since May 2014. This makes them one of the earliest adopters, a long-time partner and customer of Fixflo. We spoke with Luke Gibson, the Head of Property Maintenance at Linley & Simpson. Luke shared with us his experience of using Fixflo to enhance their maintenance operations. He was in charge of implementing Fixflo back in 2014 and continues to lead the maintenance team at L&S.

The problem

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“Before we had Fixflo, we had no structured software piece to handle such requests. Repairs and maintenance requests would come through via phone calls and emails, we would then manually add each and every request to our property management system (Veco), including the manual task of adding notes via the backend system.”



“Every letting agency I know uses Fixflo. It is a new market standard now in repairs and maintenance. Ultimately, Fixflo helps us keep our tenants and staff happy”

- Luke GibsonHead of Property Maintenance at L&S


Faster repairs:
Quicker review and instruction


Saved time:
Reduced phonecalls


Easy to use:
Happier staff and customers

The solution

“Fixflo helps with a number of challenges. One of which is the language barrier we have with tenants. Fixflo automatically prompts tenants for detailed information specific to different types of repair issues.

(...) Now, with Fixflo, a repair issue is reported and filed automatically in one place, along with photos and videos which are really helpful for us and contractors to diagnose the issue before we are even there to inspect the repair issue. Because we have seen so many photos and videos our team have a better understanding of common problems and are better able to benchmark how severe an issue is and its impact on our tenants and properties.”


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"In a heavily regulated industry, Fixflo also helps with compliance and all the information we get from the system is invaluable."

The outcome

“I certainly think Fixflo helped us consolidate and enhance what we had in place. Fixflo allows tenants to report any issues through straight away, with full details logged and filed with timestamps. This is much quicker than receiving phone calls and listening to answer phone messages one by one. Our team are now able to work on open issues first-thing every day, and for more urgent and severe issues, we can see them clearly and thus are able to prioritise them.

In this day and age, our service levels need to meet the higher expectation from tenants and landlords. Every letting agency I know uses Fixflo. It is a new market standard now in repairs and maintenance. Ultimately, Fixflo helps us keep our tenants and staff happy. It’s another string to the bow in a highly competitive market.”

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