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'Landlord' and 'Tenant', What do these words mean in the eyes of the Law?

Withstanding more than 30 years of regulatory scrutiny and public opinion is an achievement for a piece of legislation in this day and age. The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 remains the cornerstone of property law concerning rental property, including leasehold leases. Produced in partnership with Dutton Gregory Solicitors, this guide aims to give you an overview of the Act, the broad divide of obligations when it comes to a lease or tenancy agreement, and where the law has been updated with more recent legislation.

Produced in partnership with Dutton Gregory Solicitors, this FREE Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 Fact Sheet covers:

  • The key areas governed by the Act
  • Tenant's right to access landlord information
  • Landlord's obligation to carry out repair tasks and maintaining health and safety
  • Tenant's right to be informed of landlord's or agent's intention to inspect repairs
  • Leasehold service charges and how they should be handled
  • And the consequences for not following the requirements set out by the Act

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