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10 Laws that Property Managers Need to Know  Quick Guide

Refresh or update your legal knowledge 

You may be new to property management or an old hand but you still need to ensure your knowledge is bang up to date.

This  10 Laws that Property Managers Need to Know Quick Guide has been created to take you through these crucial laws and make a suggestion for each to advise what you could be doing to follow them.  The quick guide covers:

  • What the legislation involves
  • What the penalties can be
  • A “What can you do?” section on each to help you stay compliant

Awareness of relevant legislation is critical for your role and at the core is quality of life and risk avoidance for your tenants. These laws have come in over a number of years to do just that so it's well worth checking this quick guide out. 

Download the quick guide for free by filling in the form on the right.


Download the quick guide here